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Manx Bushcraft & Survival

About Us

Our aim is to provide a quality, low cost local alternative to UK Bushcraft & Survival courses, teaching real skills for the outdoors and preparing students for emergency situations. We promote a leave no trace attitude to being in the outdoors. By teaching people to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors we hope they will become advocates for preserving our immeasurable natural resources.

Our workshops provide a great introduction to core skills and are suitable for both beginners and those with more outdoor experience. Advanced and bespoke courses are available on request. All our workshops and courses are activity led and follow the EDI format – Explanation, Demonstration, and Imitation – and are limited to a maximum of 12 people (less for advanced & overnight courses) with a maximum 1:6 instructor to student ratio

Most of our workshops operate with no requirement for you to bring any kit, except for our advanced and overnight courses for which a small kit list will be provided upon booking. We believe in doing more with less and will never ask our students to spend their hard earned money buying expensive and unnecessary items.

See our course timetable for dates and prices. The price of private courses will be quoted on a case by case basis depending on the content and length of the course and number of participants.

Over the year we have many standing commitments teaching Bushcraft and Survival and we try and put on as many public dates as we can. Our public courses a geared for over 18’s only, dedicated parent and child courses will be advertised on Facebook and this site when they become available.

Tickets for courses can be purchased as gifts for the aspiring adventurer in your life, contact us below to enquire.

Course Details

Basic Bushcraft Workshop – 4 hours

  • Knife safety – learn basic carving skills
  • Fire lighting – fire triangle, feather sticks, fire steel, solar, fire maintenance drills
  • Water harvesting – find and make safe to drink, filtering and sterilisation
  • Tarp shelters – various methods to utilise tarps for shelter

Bushcraft & Survival Course – Overnight

This overnighter will give you the skills and confidence to engage in wild camping alone. Attendees will walk away with a sense of achievement, equipped with new skills and knowledge. The course is intense, but you don’t need any prior knowledge of bushcraft and survival. We will cover skills and drills that will work when needed the most and will keep you safe and comfortable in the great outdoors.

  • Fire – fire triangle, natural and manmade tinders, kindling, fuels, firelays, locations, wet condition fire lighting, fire steel, bow drills, waterproof matches
  • Shelter – protection from the elements, natural debris shelters, tarp shelters
  • Water – find and make safe to drink, filtering and sterilisation, storage
  • Food – cooking over open fire
  • Safety outdoors – emergency planning, ground to air signals, early rescue, signal fires
  • Outdoor equipment – kit and clothing, survival tins

Dates & Prices

Bushcraft & Survival Course

16th May, 8th August



Basic Bushcraft

16th May, 8th August


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Basic Bushcraft 16th May

Overnight Survival Course 16th May

Basic Bushcraft 8th August

Overnight Survival Course 8th August








Raised in the Warwickshire countryside, James spent his younger days building shelters, hunting and fishing in and around his family’s woodland, inspired by books such as Swallows and Amazons and The Famous Five.

It was back in Warwickshire that James first discovered the Scout movement and enrolled as a Cub Scout, which was his first experience of the organisation that would form a large part of his life through to adulthood.

James moved to the Isle of Man at the age of 12 where his love of the outdoors continued and he made the most out of the easy access to the fantastic Manx countryside and coastline throughout his school life.

James love of the outdoors developed into an enthusiasm for bushcrafting when he attended his first bushcraft course and he has continued to develop his skills in this area, attending additional skills training whenever possible including specialist coastal survival instruction from Fraser Christian of Coastal Survival School.

James now plays an active role in the Isle of Man Scout Association where he is both a Scout Leader with his own troop and Bushcraft & Survival Skills Instructor for the Association teaching outdoor skills to Scouts around the island and visiting Scouts from further afield.

James is a member of the Institute of Outdoor Learning and is currently working towards his Level 3 NCFE Advanced Bushcraft Award.

James is a qualified Outdoor First Aider.



Ebo has over 4 decades of outdoor experience which started when he was a young boy, roaming the countryside & hunting with ferrets and lurchers.

He was first introduced to survival training when he joined the Marine Cadets where his troop leader, a former Commando and Borneo Veteran and the CSM, a WW11 Commando Veteran, introduced him to fascinating stories of downed aircrew escaping and evading through Europe with their M19 supplied ‘baccy tin’ survival kits and influenced him to begin developing his own survival instinct.

Early books by the likes of John Ridgeway and Richard Graves also inspired him and he began to test his own capability to survive, exposing himself to the elements with minimal kit to survive outdoors as often as he could.

During military service in the 70’s and 80’s he was chosen to be trained by special/elite forces in combat survival and escape and evasion techniques.

Ebo has travelled extensively to remote parts of Europe and most of South East Asia living amongst local tribe’s people in Northern Thailand, Sabah Borneo and the Dien Bien Phu Valley in Vietnam learning primitive fishing & hunting techniques and the application of living in harmony with nature.

He continues to test and educate himself and lives by the School of Infantry adage: Minimum Weight, Maximum Self Reliance.

Ebo has participated in numerous survival courses and exercises over the years and more recently he has been tutored by and worked with Fraser Christian and Chris Caine, both renowned leaders in the industry.

in 2018 Ebo has undertaken an extreme modern urban survival course to upskill on the latest techniques relevant to the current day and age at the SHTF school of survival in Croatia.

In his spare time, Ebo works as a County Skills Instructor for the Isle of Man Scouts Association and grows his own food. He is a qualified Outdoor First Aider.



Nathan has always had an interest I all things outdoors and will wild camp at the drop of a hat!

He is a much valued member of the MBS Team having been with us from the beginning, maintaining a strong desire to learn and practice all things bushcraft and survival, improving in his skills at every opportunity.

Nathan has completed bushcraft and survival courses and exercises in the UK and remote parts of Europe in recent years and is working towards qualified instructor status.

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